Chicken Shares - Delivery Available!
Chicken Shares - Delivery Available!

Chicken Shares - Delivery Available!

Regular price $50.00

Pay your deposit or pay in full for organically fed, pasture-raised chickens. Whole chicken packages come in increments of 25 lbs and can be picked up throughout the year or all at once, depending on your freezer space!

A 20lb parts box includes 6 packages boneless breasts, 6 packages leg quarters, 1 package wings (12 wings each), one package backs (5 lbs) and one package giblets (1 lb). Parts boxes will be delivered/picked-up all at once, as soon as they become available.

Whole Chicken CSA - $4.99/lb

20lb Chicken Parts Box- $7.99/lb

If paying a deposit:

Your deposit on a whole chicken CSA functions as a $2/lb pre-payment for whole birds. This is the minimum to hold your place in our CSA program. When you pick up chicken you pay the remainder of the cost, so $2.99/lb.

If paying in full:

You are all paid up for the season! We will keep track of the weights of what you pick up throughout the year. 

For the chicken parts, your deposit reserves your chicken, which will be available for pick-up/delivery as soon as I pick up from the processor.

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