Pastured Egg Share - Delivery Available!
Pastured Egg Share - Delivery Available!

Pastured Egg Share - Delivery Available!

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6 months of fresh eggs from pasture-raised, organically fed hens!

$5.50/dozen plus free delivery!

By joining our egg share you get the convenience of eggs delivered to your door plus a guaranteed supply! 

Eggs can be delivered to Morrisville, Hyde Park and Stowe, year round. Choose how many dozen eggs you would like per month. Did you know that our eggs are so fresh that they keep easily for a month in the fridge? Grocery store eggs are typically 3 weeks to 3 months old before they even hit the shelves! 

Eggs are also available at the farm at prearranged pick up times. If you need more than six dozen/month, simply add more to your basket!

May to October our hens follow the cows in their pasture rotation, helping clean up the pests and parasites the cows leave behind, snacking on fresh green grass and eating certified organic feed. They also help clean up leftover veggies from our garden. November to April our hens lounge in our greenhouse, eating the same great organic grain plus veggie scraps and treats of sprouted barley and sprouted sunflower seeds! During especially cold weather they get lard and tallow cracklings leftover from the fat rendering process for my soaps and salves.

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