Pullets/Young Laying Hens
Pullets/Young Laying Hens

Pullets/Young Laying Hens

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Pick up only*, we DO NOT ship pullets. We will once again be raising brown egg-laying hens for your home flock! Each year we raise Golden Comets purchased from Mt Health Hatcheries as replacement hens for our own flock and raise a few extra for local homesteads. Hatched early December, these chicks are ready for purchase in mid-January, at which point they are fully feathered and ready to live in a well-ventilated coop or barn with little or no extra heat source (somewhat dependent on outdoor temperature, if you do not want to deal with providing a heat source under any circumstances, go for minimum 8-10 week old chicks)

Chicks have FULL BEAKS and are fed local (Poulin) non-medicated feed until 16 weeks old, at which point they are switched to Green Mountain Feeds organic layer.

Price depends on age at time of purchase, 6-week-old chicks are $10 and the price increases $1/week until the chicks are 16 weeks old at the end of March, at which point they are $20/each and may be just starting to lay eggs. Pick up only*, we DO NOT ship pullets

We will also have some one year old Golden Comet hens for sale this winter and spring. These ladies still have some great egg-laying ahead of them! See product listing for more details.

*Delivery is sometimes available at the rate of $2/loaded mile depending on how busy we are at the farm! (minimum 6 pullets)

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