Pullets/Young Laying Hens
Pullets/Young Laying Hens

Pullets/Young Laying Hens

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Pick up only*, we DO NOT ship pullets. We will once again be raising brown egg-laying hens for your home flock! Each year we raise Golden Comets purchased from Mt Health Hatcheries as replacement hens for our own flock and raise a few extra for local homesteads. Hatched early December, these chicks are ready for purchase starting in early February, at which point they are fully feathered and ready to live in a well-ventilated coop or barn with little or no extra heat source (in extreme cold, below 0F, you may still need to provide some supplemental heat depending on how sheltered/insulated your coop is and how old your pullets are).

Chicks have FULL BEAKS and are fed local (Poulin) non-medicated feed until we start getting eggs at around 18 weeks old, at which point they are switched to Green Mountain Feeds organic layer pellets.

Price depends on age at time of purchase, 8-week-old chicks are $12 and the price increases $1/week until the chicks are 16 weeks old on March 30th, at which point they are $20/each and may be just starting to lay eggs. Pick up only*, we DO NOT ship pullets

We will also have some one year old Golden Comet hens for sale this winter and spring. These ladies still have some great egg-laying ahead of them! See product listing for more details.

*Delivery is sometimes available at the rate of $2/loaded mile depending on how busy we are at the farm! (minimum 6 pullets)

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