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fat chance farm

Why "Fat Chance"? Animal fats have gotten a bad rap in the past few decades, not only in the world of soap and cosmetics but have been demonized as a part of a healthy diet. Low-quality fat from factory farmed cows and pigs and pesticide-laden sheep wool are mostly responsible for this bad reputation, as well as the boom in cheap vegetable oils that helped big companies cut costs and seemed (for a time) to be a healthy substitute.

In reality, there is nothing better for the body and skin than fat from happy, pastured animals. You may find improvements in your skin simply by eating pastured animal fats instead of vegetable oils! Also, tallow, lard, and lanolin have a fatty acid profile that is as close as you can get to human skin, which means it absorbs readily and holds in moisture. As more and more people become interested in "nose-to-tail" eating of locally raised, pastured animals, we need to remember that food isn't always the best use of every part of the animal. Even the most avid supporter of eating fat would have trouble getting through 10 pounds of beef tallow.

Enter, soaps and salves! Soap and salve making turns what is often almost a throwaway product, lingering in farmers' freezers, into a healthy, useful addition to your local "diet". It's easy, as a craft soap maker, to get caught up in the fancy side of things, making beautiful, heavily scented products, designed to catch your attention. I try to keep my products simple, effective and affordable, so you can use them every day.

This philosophy of clean, ethical products extends to our farm products as well.  We don't use chemicals on our pastures or on our vegetable and herb gardens.  Our animals eat organic feed and are free to express their natures.  We mow our grass with cows, while the chickens fertilize and perform pest control.  We are always happy to answer questions and give farm tours!