Cows for Sale

All our cattle are rotationally grazed, never fed grain and respect electric fencing.

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devon heifer

Velvet is an April 2018 registered American Milking Devon heifer, likely bred for May/June 2020 calving. (Last observed heat, first week of August) She is bred to our American Milking Devon bull. Tame but not halter trained, respects single strand electric fence. Like Raisin (below), would make a great family cow, her mother is a very "dairy-style" of Devon, while still being low maintenance and keeping good body condition of 100% grass and hay. Price reduced as previous buyer had to back out last minute and forfeited deposit. $600


devon cow

Cherry is a June 2016 registered American Milking Devon cow, bred to our American Milking Devon bull for May 2020 calving. Great mothering ability and thrifty on feed, Cherry is a more "beef-style" of Devon who still makes plenty of milk to raise a nice fat calf. Tame but not halter trained. $1800 Firm.


devon cross cow

Raisin is a May 2018 heifer, bred to our American Milking Devon bull. Our New Zealand Frisian milk cow Rezzy is her mother, her sire is a Red Devon. She is friendly but not yet halter trained. She would likely make a great, low maintenance family cow, her older sister (also a Frisian/Red Devon cross) calves easily, milks around a gallon a day, raises a fat, healthy calf and maintains weight easily on 100% grass. $700


devon cross heifer

Rum is an August 2018 heifer, bred to our American Milking Devon bull for a May/June 2020 calf. She is 3/4 Red Devon and 1/4 NZ Frisian (our NZ Frisian milk cow is her grandmother). She is a hardy, thrifty gal who should raise some nice fat beef calves, or make good beef herself. $700


devon steer

Apple is a September 2018 American Milking Devon steer and should fill out nicely for fall 2020 processing. Respects two strand electric fence. $600