Cows for Sale

All our cattle are rotationally grazed, never fed grain and respect electric fencing.

July 2023 Heifer - Ginny - $1500 - not bred. Ginny is an American Milking Devon. Sire was never registered but had two registered parents, mom is registered. Her mom, Gretel, has an excellent temperament and maintains good condition on just grass and first cut hay. 

May 2022 Heifer - Cheeto - $1800 - bred (not confirmed) to AMD bull for a May/June calf

a six month old Devon calf stands and looks at the camera from a field of green grass

Cheeto is a pure bred American Milking Devon calf, not registered but can be. Her mom, Cherry, stays plump year round on just grass and hay, calves easily, makes plenty of milk and has had no health issues. Cheeto is still fairly shy of people but her mom happily accepts scratches and hand feeding.

a red Devon cow with horns stands next to her six month old calf on a field of green grass

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