Cows for Sale

All our cattle are rotationally grazed, never fed grain and respect electric fencing.

Contact us if you are interested in buying cattle. 


devon steer

Pending - Apple is a September 2018 American Milking Devon steer and should fill out nicely for fall 2020 processing. Respects two strand electric fence. $600


Bull Calves 

I find stress is lowest on calf and farmer by castrating bull calves within a week of birth. If you are interested in an intact bull calf, please get in touch prior to calving season (starts early-mid May) so we can make arrangements.

Heifer Calves

I currently have one 6 month old Devon cross heifer calf pending sale. The next chance for available heifers (Purebred Devon and/or Devon/Frisian Cross) will be late fall 2020 after weaning. I do not sell calves as bottle babies unless for some reason it's mother is unable to raise it. I can take reservations for heifer calves once I know how many will be available after the 2020 calving season (May to July).