Pastured Eggs


Chicken eggs are available year round for $6.25/dozen. Goose eggs are available only in spring and early summer. Over the winter, the hens live in our greenhouse and enjoy squash, sprouted barley, compost and fat cracklings in addition to their organic grain from Green Mountain Feeds. In the summer they travel our pastures in their mobile coop, protected from predators with electric net fencing, eating grass and bugs and scratching through cow pies. In addition to laying delicious eggs, the hens help cleanse the pastures of parasites that may affect the cows, fertilize the grass, and break up and spread cow manure.

chickens on pasture

We also have a limited number of goose eggs available in spring through early summer ($10/half dozen)

Our geese are free to roam around our large pond and pastures, eating all kinds of plants and the occasional bug (geese are a little more vegetarian than chickens!) Here is our flock doing an expert job at guarding their clutch of goslings.

gray geese and goslings