Pastured Eggs


Starting in late April/early May we will have chicken eggs available at the farm for $6/dozen. In early April we will have a limited number of smaller "pullet eggs" for $5/dozen. Over the winter, the hens are fed organic grain and allowed to roam outside with the cows when weather permits. During "grass season" they are moved daily to fresh pasture, following our cows and supplemented with organic grain.

chicken tractor

Egg CSAs

New this year, we are offering our eggs in a CSA style subscription. Pay upfront for 6 months worth of eggs and we will deliver them once or twice a month to your door in Morrisville, Hyde Park or Stowe. If you live outside the delivery area you can also pick up at the farm or at the Morrisville Farmers Market.

We also have a limited number of duck and goose eggs available (duck - $3/half dozen, goose - $10/half dozen)

Our ducks and geese are free to roam around our large pond and pastures, eating slugs, bugs grass and weeds!

ducks and geese