Wash your hands!

Yes, you, wash them! Here's a quick reminder of best handwashing technique from the CDC. And don't worry, studies show that your bar of soap does NOT pass germs from one user to another. Antibacterial soap is also no longer recommended as it has been found to be no more effective than regular soap at killing germs. Head to the soap shop for soaps, salves and deodorant.

Local Delivery Available!

I deliver eggs, chicken and veggies to Hyde Park, Morrisville and Stowe. On farm pick up is also available. Eggs and chicken are available year round, veggies from June to October. I will be doing extra deliveries during the current state of affairs around COVID-19, so email me if you need eggs, chicken or soap delivered!

Why "Fat Chance"?

Our soaps, salves and deodorant are made with tallow from grass fed cows and lard from pastured and forest raised pigs.  By putting these often overlooked and wasted animal products to use we are truly "giving fat a chance"!

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Regenerating the Soil

Minimizing Waste