Pastured Chickens

Fresh, pastured, organically-fed whole chickens are now available! Stop by the farm, visit us at the Morrisville Farmers Market, Saturdays, 9-1 on the Hannaford Green, or find out more about local delivery!

Pastured Chicken

Do you have concerns about factory farming?  Are you looking for meat that you can feel good about feeding yourself and your family?  If so, consider trying our pasture raised, organically fed chickens!  

Our birds arrive on the farm at just one or two days old.  They spend their first few weeks of life in a cozy brooder growing and feathering out to prepare for life outside.

At three to four weeks old they are moved outdoors on our lush green pastures.  Electric fencing protects them from predators while their open-air shelters are moved daily to a fresh patch of grass and bugs.  Conventionally raised poultry are vulnerable to a whole host of problems due to living out their lives in crowded, dusty barns eating nothing but grain.  Antibiotics and other drugs are the conventional solutions.


Our birds are out in the fresh air, eating fresh foods and allowed to express their true nature by scratching, pecking and dust bathing.  It's a joy to watch these birds dash after crickets, flies and dandelions and other favorite treats!  We never use antibiotics or hormones, and never need to!

Around eight weeks old, the birds are humanely processed right on the farm.  This allows us to skip the stress of transportation to a processor and gives us real quality control over our finished product.  You can buy our chicken at the Morrisville Farmers Market, (Saturdays, 9-1, May - October), pick up on the farm, or join our chicken CSA for fresh chicken pick ups (at a reduced price!) throughout the summer.