Local Delivery

If you live in Hyde Park, Morrisville, or Stowe you can now get Fat Chance Farm products delivered directly to your door! Contact us here to join our email list.

Over the winter you can get eggs, whole chickens and chicken parts. Delivery days are all Fridays and may be rescheduled in case of severe winter weather. An email will be sent out a few days before delivery to collect orders. You can also place a standing order if you prefer!

Delivery dates for this winter:

November 1st and 22nd

December 6th and 20th

January 3rd

February 7th

March 6th

April 3rd

Payment can be by card online, or by cash or check. You don't have to be home to accept delivery. We are happy to deliver to a cooler. Keep in mind that in very cold weather your eggs may freeze and crack if not insulated by a cooler!