Local Delivery

If you live in Hyde Park or Morrisville, you can now get Fat Chance Farm products delivered directly to your door! Contact us here.

Delivery day is Fridays (the same day as our veggie CSA delivery), certain addresses that are already on our route have no minimum order. Currently, they are:

  • McKinstry Hill Rd.
  • Diggins Rd.
  • Center Rd. and side streets
  • Centerville Rd. (from McKinstry Hill to North Hyde Park Rd.)
  • North Hyde Park Rd. (from Centerville Rd. to Longmore Hill Rd.)
  • Longmore Hill Rd.
  • Route 100 from the Hyde Park roundabout to the 100C intersection (and side streets)
  • Route 15 from the Hyde Park roundabout to the Morrisville roundabout (and side streets)
  • Village of Morrisville

Outside of these areas, there is a $30 minimum order or a $10 delivery charge for smaller orders.

Each week we will have chicken, eggs (chicken or duck), and all of the soaps, salves and deodorants available on our website. There will also be several types of vegetables and herbs available each week, depending on what extras we have after fulfilling CSAs. Plus, there will be a few short weeks of strawberry and blueberry season!

Payment can be by card online, or by cash or check. You don't have to be home to accept delivery. We are happy to deliver to a cooler in a shady spot.

Contact us by email at fatchancevt@gmail.com if you're interested in receiving the list of what is available each week. The list goes out Wednesday, please place orders by 9am Friday.