Grass Fed Milk

Why Grass-Fed?

Cows are made to eat grass.  One of the quickest rewards in farming is putting a cow out on fresh grass and then collecting a pail-full of delicious grass-fed milk the next day!  By feeding dairy cows primarily on grass and hay instead of grains we get all of the benefits to pastures and grasslands that cows can provide all while reducing the cost of feeding the cow, reducing the "food miles" of the cow's feed to near zero and supporting a healthier animal! 

Who's That Cow?

This is Rezzy!  She provides the milk for all of my milk soaps, plus plenty more for home drinking and cheese making.  She is a New Zealand Friesian, which means that while she looks very much like a classic American Holstein she is smaller and stockier and much better at thriving on an all grass diet!  She was born right down the road from us here in Vermont and her daughter, Rev (a Friesian-Devon cross, born on our farm), will be joining the team as a milker next summer.