Grass Fed Milk

Why Grass-Fed?

Cows are made to eat grass.  They are naturals at converting inedible (to humans!) food and converting it to delicious, high quality protein and fat. By feeding cows primarily on grass and hay instead of grains we get all of the benefits to pastures and grasslands that cows can provide all while reducing the cost of feeding the cow, reducing the "food miles" of the cow's feed to near zero and supporting a healthier animal! 

But don't grazing animals take up valuable space for human crops? Nope! The vast majority of US pastureland is unsuitable for crop growing, due to soil quality or terrain. The steep slopes of our Vermont hill farm (and the soggy flat land between them) are certainly not suitable for any crop other than grass!

We do not currently sell milk but we do use milk from our cows or from a local organic dairy in our soaps.