Simple Chamomile Soap
Simple Chamomile Soap
Simple Chamomile Soap

Simple Chamomile Soap

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Grass-fed tallow and pastured lard are combined with organic chamomile tea for a gentle, unscented soap. Chamomile has a well-deserved reputation for soothing dry, irritated and chapped skin, a perfect partner for high-quality tallow and lard. Net Wt. 4 oz.

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Ingredients: grass-fed tallow, pastured lard, organic chamomile tea, lye

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Customer Reviews

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Always great.

So far, so good

I gave Fat Chance a try after my long-time soapmaker took hiatus from her business. I've used tallow/lard soap for years; it's what saved my hands during the pandemic, and now, I use it almost exclusively on my face.

So far, I enjoy this soap — I like the simplicity of the ingredients, and that there's no added scent; my skin has responded well to it, too.

I did dock a point for shipping: while the items I ordered arrived quickly, they were completely unmarked inside the package, leaving me to guess which was which (I ordered this varietal, as well as a different one). They also shipped in brown paper packaging, without a protective layer (I realize that plastic isn't exactly eco-friendly, but in an area prone to rain and a mailbox exposed to the elements, it's necessary). Again, minor things that slightly detracted from the experience; otherwise, I'll plan to reorder (and maybe try something new) once the time comes.

Flore Foley
Best soap ever!!

I love this soap. I use it as body soap and shampoo. It works great and it's not drying at all. My hair loves it and my scalp is very happy.

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