Simple Tallow Soap
Simple Tallow Soap
Simple Tallow Soap
Simple Tallow Soap

Simple Tallow Soap

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Just plain soap! The ingredients are simple, tallow from grass fed/grass finished cows, spring water and lye. For when you need to get clean without any fuss. This soap is unscented, so there is just a faint aroma of tallow as it cleans and moisturizes. Net Wt. 3.4 oz.

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Ingredients: grass fed tallow, water, lye

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great soap for sensitive skin

This is my second order of the simple tallow soap. I tend to get skin rashes or irritations and this soap helps calm and clear them up.
I love it! I also tried the soap with lard in it, but prefer this one.

Great soap

This soap is amazing. It leaves your skin feeling soft. It is the best tallow soap I have tried.

I smell delicious!

Amazing! Best smelling soap ever. Way better than the goat milk soap I used. I had an allergic reaction to another soap right before using it and it washed away most of my reaction. I don't know if the delicious smell would attract wolves if I walk in a forest but it'd be a bonus for me. I'm hyper sensitive to smells so you probably won't notice, it evaporates soon, unlike perfume made with alcohol. I want the laundry version!

Simple Soap

Love this soap, been purchasing for a few years, even purchased when I lived in France, no comparison to other products on the mass market.
Quality is always consistent, I only use this for my family including my newborns son. Thank you so much Fat Chance Farms for this amazing old school soap!

Becca C.
Favorite for my allergic skin

What I use is extremely restricted by multiple contact allergies. This soap could not be simpler, yet it is so satisfying and gentle for my skin- I even use it on my hair as it is less drying than the sensitive skin shampoo I have! The maker has been responsive about my questions about sourcing and equipment to make sure it is generally safe for me. The lard mixture soap seems to last longer as a hand soap at the sink, but I prefer the tallow soap for leaving my skin happiest in the shower and for my face!

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