Natural Deodorant Bar - Farmer Pits
Natural Deodorant Bar - Farmer Pits

Natural Deodorant Bar - Farmer Pits

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Skip the plastic and the chemicals and try out an all natural deodorant bar!  Grass-fed tallow and beeswax give this deodorant firmness in warm temperatures, while organic coconut oil and magnesium hydroxide hinder the growth of stinky bacteria.  Arrowroot powder helps the bar feel less greasy.  Scented with your choice of essential oils (lavender, lemongrass, tea tree and patchouli). Net wt. 2.5 oz.

A note on temperature:
Thanks to tallow and beeswax this deodorant does a pretty good job at staying solid at room temperature or at least, it does up here in northern Vermont where indoor temperatures only rarely stray into the mid seventies! However, if you live in more southern climes and your indoor temperature is consistently in the mid seventies or higher, you may wish to keep this in the fridge so it doesn't get too soft!

About Magnesium Hydroxide:

This is the same mineral found in milk of magnesia.  In a handmade deodorant it plays the same role as baking soda often does but with less irritation to the skin.  Mildly alkaline, it creates a less friendly environment for bacteria in your armpits.  The type I use in this deodorant is manufactured for use as a dietary supplement.

About the Packaging:

As a part of my commitment to sustainability, I try to avoid the use of new plastic whenever possible. Putting this product in a plastic deodorant tube would also add to price and I strive to keep my products affordable. The deodorant stays solid even in hot weather, so it is easy swipe on! Keep the butcher paper wrapper to hold the bar or just use it bare handed! The butcher paper wrapper does contain a thin plastic layer but I haven't been able to find anything else that keeps the fat from soaking through. It is the lesser evil in my opinion!

Materials: Grass fed tallow,organic extra virgin coconut oil,arrowroot powder,magnesium hydroxide powder,beeswax,essential oils

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