COVID-19 Update

I know, it seems like everyone needs a coronavirus update these days, doesn't it?? Well, this update is more of a non-update. Our daily life here at the farm is only mildly different than normal. Social distancing is par for the course when you live on a farm in rural Vermont. Trips to the feed store mean calling ahead and picking up curbside, spring skiing is not happening this year and all of a sudden my husband and roommates are much more underfoot than usual! (No work at the ski areas either!) But... animals are still getting fed, seeds still being planted, soap still being made and products still being shipped.

If you are in the Hyde Park, Morrisville and Stowe area, you can get Fat Chance Farm products delivered to your door (I've been doing this for a couple of years now!). Send me an email at fatchancevt (at) to make sure you're on our LOCAL mailing list. (The website form will just put you on the general soap products mailing list)

If you're blowing through soap with all this handwashing, go ahead and make your order! I am making and shipping soap on the usual schedule. My "manufacturing plant" is just my kitchen and I am the only employee, so there's no exposure risk for me or others when I "go to work".

Even the gentlest soap can start to dry out your hands when washing many times a day, plus hand sanitizer can be very drying as well. Don't forget to grab a moisturizing salve or balm to keep your hands in good shape! I know I've been slathering on the Udder Balm lately.

For those concerned about coronavirus surviving on cardboard surfaces through the mail system, the virus only seems to be able to survive on cardboard for about a day, so it's really only your local post office that could leave the virus on your package. But if you are being especially cautious, using gloves to pick up packages from the mail and/or waiting a day before handling your package would seem to be the safest option. 

Well, that's the update from rural Vermont. I hope you all are staying healthy (and sane!) through this upheaval!

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  • norma stancliffe on

    Hi Di-so happy you are well & comeing back to mkt so i can get my duck eggs again but i’m not good at this tech stuff so prefer to buy in person Sat i hope so save me a doz. If not , will have to figure out how to connect. Was a short winter with Mt closeing on St Pats-hope yours was ok. xo

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