New Ordering System for Local Customers!

This month I am rolling out a new system for local pick up and delivery customers! Since the old system was just me emailing back and forth with customers and then typing everything into a spreadsheet, I think this will be an upgrade ;)

Going forward I will be using the Open Farm Network platform for both deliveries and pick-ups, though I am still more than happy to exchange emails to help everyone get used to the new system! Check out the new storefront here:

Your first decision will be whether you are ordering for delivery or pick-up. The dropdown menu at the top will list the available options. Typically, same and next day will be your pick-up options and then the next delivery date will also be listed. From there you can fill up your cart with everything you need!

When you head to the checkout, you'll be asked to fill out some information including your address. Do make sure to fill out your full delivery address if ordering for delivery! You will also have the option to create an account linked to your email address, which will make future ordering easier. You will NOT be asked for any credit card information at this point, you simply need to indicate how you plan to pay. The two options are "Cash or Check" and "Card or PayPal".

If you select "Cash or Check", then either bring payment with you for pick-up or leave payment in your cooler for delivery. If you'd prefer to pay by card or via PayPal, then I will invoice you by email once I receive your order. I manually create the invoice emails, so don't worry if it doesn't show up right away! Once you get it, follow the check out procedure in the email to enter your card or PayPal information.

For pick-up orders, I will let you know as soon as your order is ready, which is typically within the hour though occasionally longer. I am doing "no-contact" pick ups, which means your order will be waiting for you in a cooler in the open bay of our garage. I'm happy to wave and chat from a healthy social distance when you arrive!

Right now I only have eggs available (regular chicken, jumbo and goose!). As the season progresses I will add vegetables and chicken as well! I will still be sending out an email prior to delivery to let you know that the storefront has been updated but I'll no longer be listing exactly what is available in that email, it will all be on the storefront.

I very much welcome feedback on this new platform so feel free to get in touch with any questions or suggestions!

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